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DEMO Paddle: ROSSO+ (10-day FREE trial)

DEMO Paddle: ROSSO+ (10-day FREE trial)

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PRO Paddles DEMO Program

Discover the perfect balance between POWER. SPEED. CONTROL with our Potenza Pickleball Pro Paddle Demo Program! Experience firsthand the exceptional performance of our top-quality paddles as you test your skills on the court.


  1. Place your DEMO Paddle Order
  2. Test your DEMO Paddle for 10 calendar days (program starts from Date of Delivery, i.e. when you physically receive the paddle)
  3. Return your DEMO Paddle (10-days after receiving, return postmark date counts as your Return Date)
  4. Get a $20.00 Off one-time discount coupon code & place a NEW order in our website.

Important: After placing your order, it is mandatory required by our company that we collect a valid credit card (CC) number to keep on file until your demo paddles are returned. Your order will ship after receiving this information.

If you have questions, email us at and type “Demo Program” in the subject line.

DISCLAIMER (Please Read): In the event that the demo paddle is not returned at the end of the program (postmark date from post office will count as your Return Date), your card will be charged for the full MSRP paddle price amount ($179.95)

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