POTENZA Pickleball Launching NEW wave of professional paddles

The POTENZA team have done it! Their team is currently launching a new wave of professional PRO paddles this Spring 2023. They plan to release two models: TURBO which is their professional edgeless technology paddle, with 3K carbon fiber, 16mm thickness for a blend of Power & Control, and this model uses their COREx2 polypropylene honeycomb core which reduces paddle vibration and proves more paddle power & response at the time of contact.

KOMBA is their second model: this professional paddle includes a 100% carbon fiber surface with the use of their "PowerSpin" technology which greatly improves ball rotation while at the same time providing better control with its COREx2 core, at 16mm in thickness. Both models are meant for professional play and include some of the latest use of cutting-edge technology & high-end materials in the industry. Potenza Pickleball currently has their HQ office in Weston, FL, and is currently expanding their Global Ambassador Program internationally.


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